Cool Wall

Take a look at the posts below. We use this to share interesting technologies and "happenings" that should nicely aid the future of the Metahamas.

Alter Ego TV Show
The Metahamas TV stations didn't have this TV show on its network, but how cool was this - aired in the US over the fall. This looks bonkers! We want to eventually use this kind of tech to host high quality talks and presentations in our buildings across the Metahamas.

28th December 2021

Metahuman Speech Deep Dive
This video shows the power of third party tools feeding live video capture from your iPhone into Unreal Engine to control your Metahumans facial expressions. We want to figure out how this gets wrapped into a phone app that's then plugged straight into The Metahamas.

15th December 2021

Not Marks Metaverse
Yeah, we think the Metaverse will be built using open Web3 principles. Fpllowing on from A Day In The Metaverse below, we're pretty sure that the idea that the platforms own everything is, well a bit 2020.

13th December 2021

A Day In The Metaverse In 2031
Here's our world in 2031. They touch on some interesting topics - particularly around the screen tech becoming lightweight viewers with the bulk of the processing being done in datacenters. We think this is probably right. Not sure if King Zuck will have taken over everything though.

12th December 2021

Keanu and Carrie-Ann discuss some cool concepts
It's great to see how the world is changing. We're pretty sure utopia is a lot closer than dystopia. One thing that's left an impact is Keanu's saying "I feel like it's the first time in a long time that the real world is almost ahead of our science fiction".

10th December 2021

Matrix Awakens 🤯
Well... 😲. What can we say. If you needed an example of what's possible with the tech we're using both from an environment perspective and a Metahuman perspective, well [dropped 🎤].

10th December 2021

Metahuman / Smartphone Facial Expressions
The tech is still nascent, but it is now possible to track facial expressions using your mobile phone camera, and overlay this onto your Metahuman. This is going to be really useful in The Metahamas, where we want to use Metahumans as the core avatar type.

8th December 2021

Microsoft is now a metaverse company too!
Following on from Facebook's announcement last week - here's Microsoft's launch. This is pretty special again. Microsoft have in recent years been notable supporters of the Open Source culture, and this work focussed solution is also going to support general adoption of the principle of being in a Metaverse to a consumer.

10th November 2021

Meta (Facebook) is now a Metaverse company
Here we go! Whilst we're pretty sure that the metaverse is going to be built on web 3 principles, and Facebook are going to shove a lot of marketting dollars into normalising the metaverse, and this announcement is a positive in that it builds massive awareness.

Note to Zuck - probably need another name change, or talk BMW into renaming themselves as car...

30th October 2021