Welcome to the Metahamas!

The Metaverse done right...
For relaxing or meeting.

A curated world based on an idealic archipelago, we are building out a VR environment that can be used for informal gatherings, work events, or public forums.

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What's going on

Alpha 2 Walkaround
sailed past earlier today and dropped in for a look around v0.2.1 with Bernie.

5th January 2022

V0.2.1 Released!
Here's release 2! Still in alpha (still has bugs), but with a few new things going on. Bernie will be posting a video later, but check out The Lookout building on Lookout Rock.

30th December 2021

Ellis Island Update
There's a few new things going on at Ellis Island. Take a look at The Lookout and a two trails carved through Coconut Forest.

28th December 2021

Introducing Zwei Island
We've found a new island in The Metahamas! We've got big plans for here. You can explore it in V0.2 by turning right on The Lookout jetty.

28th December 2021

10 Min Walkthrough
Join Aanya as she walks around the east side of Ellis Island and catches up with Bernie to discuss The Metahamas in a little more depth.

8th December 2021

Why curated design?
There is a good reason why you can't just build whatever you want in the real world. We think that quality conrol is also true in the metaverse.

26th November 2021

Meet Aanya & Bernie, the #metahumans building out the Metahamas.

26th November 2021

V0.0.1 Released!
This is the first ever build. Watch the 10 minute walkthrough video above to learn what you can do.

26th November 2021


Here's a list of ideas that we're working on. They won't all make it in, but we'll

Medium Priority Scoping
Virtual Roadshows
Companies spend millions attending events all over the world, displaying their wares. The ability to display digital twins in easily accessible environments such as a web pixel stream or by downloading a free environment onto their Playstation gives new potential for brand engagement.


High Priority Early Ideation
Read Books & Other Written Content
Once #5 has been built, you'll be able to sit back, relax and really enjoy what is often a stunning view. We think it'd be great for you to therefore be able to grab a book, or a list of articles and read them in your nice new surroundings.


High Priority Scoping
Sitting Avatars
There's seating everywhere, and plenty of beaches if not. Its going to be important for you to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the view (or the presentation content).


Low Priority Early Ideation
Web2 Apps
Building on the ability to meet people in-world, it would be great if you could transfer a media stream onto a mobile phone app, so you can continue to listen into a talk if you need to leave your computer & do something IRL.


High Priority In Ideation
NFT Owned Venues
You own the building, decide what furniture goes where, and what meetups and events you want to host. Build your venue into the place to go to converse with likeminded metaversians about mutual interests.


High Priority Scoping
Themed Venue Meetups
We want to build loads of cool venues to hang out at, chat with likeminded groups of people, and listen to organised presentations.


Medium Priority Scoping
Avatar Selector
We want to eventually enable you to select your own Metahuman character. For now, we want you to be able to select either Trent or Tisha.